Monday, 29 October 2012

Hospital Safety and Security

Australian hospitals are subject to volatile and often dangerous situations. Stakeholders can be put at risk on a daily basis by individuals on and off-site, as well as by factors beyond their control. Whether it be a mental health patient abusing a nurse, a child being abducted or a natural disaster, measures need to be taken to minimize risk where possible.

The appearance of Integrated Wireless (IW) as the sole Duress and Messaging provider at the recent 5th Annual Hospital & Healthcare Security & Safety Conference on the Gold Coast proves a commitment to work with all facilities interested in protecting stakeholders on site.

Issues addressed surrounded the prevention of aggression in Emergency Departments, change management, as well as emergency and security planning for major events. Shaun Evans, Security Operations Manager of Canterbury District Health Board, cast our minds back to the horrific earthquakes that rocked Christchurch 18 months ago. His knowledge and advice around security response coordination was priceless and well received by the audience.

IW specialise in duress and integrated communication solutions to minimise the daily risks associated with running a hospital. Our mobile handsets can support voice, messaging and duress in the one device, and all 3rd party systems (fire alarms, access control, etc.) can integrate via IW's unique software applications.

In addition, Infant Protection Systems and Wandering Resident Solutions are offered to help your facility build and retain a reputation as a safe-haven for loved ones.

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Friday, 5 October 2012

A Big Year for Ekahau

Ekahau, an industry leading WiFi based Real Time Location System (RTLS) provider in the USA, has three (3) major reasons to celebrate 2012 (Ekahau press release, September 25th, 2012):

  1. It recently announced a 50% increase in sales in the first half of 2012. The majority of growth came from the healthcare sector where it enjoys the reputation of a solid performance leader and innovator in helping hospitals improve efficiencies, patient safety, and work-flows.
  2. It received nearly $10 million in additional growth funding throughout the year in order to accelerate product development and bolster sales and customer care teams. This funding was led by Nexit Ventures with participation from several new and existing investors in the company.
  3. The company announced the appointment of Mark D. Norris as the new President and CEO of Ekahau. Norris has previously served Ekahau as COO and CFO, with 20 years of strategic-leadership experience. “Mark brings a fresh vision to Ekahau and has already set new standards for the company in regards to energy, focus and leadership”- Michel Wendell- Chairman of Ekahau.

Integrated Wireless (IW) is the leading Australian distributor of Ekahau solutions, with deployments in some of the nation's busiest hospitals and aged care facilities. IW employ 60+ people throughout the country and carry over 20 years experience in the provision and maintenance of integrated wireless solutions.

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