Thursday, 21 November 2013

Introducing Ekahau's new W4 Patient Tag

A recent report in Scotland found that more than 11,000 patients, many of whom were vulnerable, had left hospitals without being discharged by doctors. Click here to read the full article.

Could incidents like this be avoided with the use of Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), which use Wireless LAN (WiFi) systems to accurately locate people and assets.

Integrated Wireless have just released the new Ekahau W4 wristband RTLS tag. The new W4 patient tag is a comfortable wristband design, with detachable bands and an integrated assistance button.

Deploying the W4 patient tag allows staff to search and locate patients though easy-to-use graphical user interface software. In addition administrators can set alerts that are sent to security and clinical staff when tags leave specific areas.

The W4 tag is 100% waterproof, can be sterilised with fluids or wipes, and has rechargeable batteries with long battery life.

So it's out with the old.....

.....and in with the new W4 tag.

To find out more email or call +61 (0) 9698 9000

Monday, 18 November 2013

Unite Axess

Since the release of Apple's first iPhone in 2007, consumer smartphone acceptance have increase and a rise of applications have been developed to help improve efficiency and productivity. Integrated Wireless are proud to introduce an exciting new app for smartphones the Unite Axess.

Unite Axess aims to further improve productivity and efficiency as a whole by utlising smartphones that will enable a unique "mission critical working process"

The app integrates with existing systems such as nurse call, patient monitoring, service logistics and alarm handling allowing for a more efficient mobile communication process.

Learn how this application can improve your workforce by attending our upcoming roadshow. Further information available at

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Intensive Care Conference

GE Healthcare with it’s partner Integrated Wireless (IW) attended the ANZICS/ACCCN Intensive care conference in Hobart, Tasmania (17-18th of October).

The Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS) is the leading advocate on all intensive care related matters in Australia & NZ. ANZICS leads the world in intensive care research through its Clinical Trials Group and patient databases. The ANZICS conference bring together intensive care (IC) specialists to listen to subject matter experts and to see the latest IC technology.

IW demonstrated the latest Ascom Mobile Monitoring Gateway (MMG) that in near real time dispatches GE Carescape patient monitoring alarm information to mobile clinical staff carrying Ascom wireless handhelds.
Ascom MMG is the only TGA approved secondary monitoring solution available in the Australian marketplace.

MMG provides…
·         Improved response time to critical patient events
·         Reduced ”alarm fatigue” through smart alarm management
·         Increased efficiency of nursing staff by avoiding unnecessary interruption
·         Increase patient satisfaction and quality of care
Ascom MMG also enables the presentation of waveforms from Carescape on the Ascom wireless handhelds.

The response to the Ascom MMG solution was exceptionally positive with many client’s expressing keen interest. Overall ANZICS was a great event and a fantastic chance to engage and talk to IC practitioners.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Improving your workplace safety

What are you doing to help protect your staff?
In the past month, more than 14 critical incidents have been logged with the Health and Community Unions.(The Age 2013).

Are your current procedures using the latest technology?
Integrated Wireless provides the latest technology allowing you to protect your staff and patients in a fast paced and emotionally charged working environment..

By leveraging your current Wifi systems, IW’s solutions enables a cost effective facility wide approach to be taken. IW has a track record of delivering systems that can locate staff in emergency situations to within 3-5 metres by using real time location technology.

IW's mobile duress solution leverages the real time location system to reduce risks, increase response times and enhance the level of communication. As our units allow you to raise alarms, send/receive messages via our DURAsuite application and make/take calls, management of both time and life critical alarms and messages is simplified.

See how the Monash Health (formerly South Health) utilised the knowledge and solutions IW has to offer, allowing them to improve their safety and productivity. (Monash Health Case Study)

Is it time to update your technology and allow your staff to feel safe?
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