Monday, 11 January 2016

Wyndham clinic private hospital receive their first Ascom Myco

Within today’s healthcare market when we use the word “mobility”, we are referring to the countless wireless technologies that enable us to communicate, locate and receive information while moving throughout the facility.

As mobile technologies support smarter access to information, to both seek data and receive alarms/alerts, healthcare professionals can access information from wherever they are, instead of going to the source of the information. So rather than spending their time chasing information, and trying to monitor lots of static information points i.e. screens at the nurse’s station and annunciator panels, by using assisted technologies carers can invest their time with the patient at the point-of-care where it is maximised.

Understanding the benefits that assisted technologies can bring to the healthcare environment, Wyndham clinic private hospital have requested Ascom Myco to trial within their facility. The Ascom Myco is a truly “purpose-built Smart device” designed with focus on caregivers.

The Myco is designed to be worn clipped to scrubs, in pockets, or on the waist. The top-display is specifically integrated into Myco to help caregivers to view the type, severity and location of alarm without having to even touch the phone, to unlock it and then look at the screen. With features such as the patient-centric user interface which sits on-top of the standard Android interface, assists the nurse by only showing the filtered critical alarms and alerts for their area of responsibility – in a bed or patient status mode.

If you wish to find out more about the Ascom Myco contact 02 9698 9000 or