Thursday, 31 January 2013

MSU Hospital Choose Ekahau RTLS

According to an Ekahau press release, Moscow State University Hospital (MSU), the most prestigious healthcare teaching facility in the Russian Federation, has deployed Ekahau RTLS in order to track and monitor medical assets. Ekahau staff badges were also deployed, allowing staff to notify security of their location in an emergency situation.

MSU was looking for an innovative locating and communication system that would meet our needs as a state of the art teaching hospital” said Sergey Vasuk, Director of Information Technology at MSU. “Upon reviewing different options, Ekahau was chosen because of its unique offering. Ekahau RTLS was easy to install, yet provided the services and performance required.”

Ekahau leveraged of the existing WiFi network in the facility to reduce costs, whilst at the same time ensuring campus-wide coverage with accurate real-time location. With a 300 bed in-patient area that also treats over 400 out-patients daily, the time saved looking for assets and locating staff can now be re-directed to patient care.

Ekahau solutions are available in Australia and are currently used in hundred's of facilities nation-wide. For case studies and testimonials from Australian hospitals, click here!

WiFi RTLS Staff Badge
WiFi RTLS Asset Tag

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Denmark's Largest Prison To Be 'DECT' Out

According to the, Denmark's largest prison will shift from a late 90's paging solution to an Ascom IP-based personal communication system that will protect staff in the most harrowing of circumstances.

Vestre Faengsel Prison has followed in the footsteps of over 40 Danish prisons and detention centres in deploying systems from Ascom Wireless Solutions. “We have received very positive feedback from the prisons and detention centres that have been equipped with the system from Ascom Wireless Solutions. For the staff at Vestre Fængsel, it will be a great step forward. They will now get a more user friendly system with a more exact positioning. It’s important that the staff has access to modern and efficient alarm and communication equipment, so that they can co-ordinate their tasks while on the move, and rapidly assist each other if a threatening situation arises. The wireless IP-DECT technology is very suitable for providing this type of functionality”, says Otto Nielsen, Chief Technical Officer of Denmark’s prison authority Kriminalforsorgen.

d81 Ascom Handset
The d81 IP-DECT wireless handset will be carried by approximately 600 employees throughout the facility. This handset allows employees to be accurately tracked. If they are in distress and on the move, constant location updates are sent to security and/or other pre-defined groups.

Otto goes on to say, “Vestre Fængsel will obtain a powerful communication solution with significantly greater capacity than before. This is important because a lot of coordination takes place via the phone. It is a future-proof solution that is more reliable and provides a number of advantages in terms of easier management and lower costs. It is both more efficient and economical to combine safety and communications in all the Danish prisons and detention centres in one single solution that is monitored and maintained centrally”.

Integrated Wireless are the sole distributors of Ascom products and solutions throughout Australia. For more information and a free demonstration on how Ascom solutions can assist your facility, click here!

Friday, 18 January 2013

What Sets Ekahau RTLS Apart?

There are several Real Time Location System (RTLS) technologies on the market these days, making it difficult for hospitals and other industry facilities to make the right choice. Fortunately, Ekahau RTLS has many unique advantages that sets them apart from the crowd:
  • Unbeatable Accuracy, Enterprise-Wide: Ekahau maintain sub 3 metre accuracy using any existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, producing outstanding results for minimal investment.
  • No Cabling: Ekahau Location Beacons are installed in minutes, negating the cost and need for lengthy cabling installations.
  • Smartest Tags: Ekahau Wi-Fi tags allow messaging (acting as a pager), alerts via push-button and remote maintenance and reconfiguration.
  • Quick & Easy Deployment: With no infrastructure required and prompt Ekahau Beacon installation, this solution is perfect for the time-poor facility.
  • Experience: Ekahau have over 11 years experience, creating turn-key RTLS solutions from tags to applications. This technology is used by hundreds of hospitals world-wide.
Ekahau Asset, Patient & Staff WiFi Tags

 Integrated Wireless (IW) are the Australian distributor of Ekahau products and solutions, with deployments in many large-scale facilities across the country. IW provide everything from pre-sales advice to post-sales support, all on a single vendor platform.

For Ekahau pricing and specifications, as well as recent case studies, click here!

Friday, 11 January 2013

74-Year-Old Dementia Sufferer Lost In Sydney City Darkness

According to the Blacktown Advocate, 74-year-old dementia sufferer James Ryan spent two nights wandering around Sydney City last month.

James Ryan
Mr Ryan told his daughter he was going into the city on Friday afternoon. It wasn't until Saturday that Blacktown nursing home staff noticed the man missing, alerting family and Police immediately. A search into hospitals and local clubs failed to locate Mr Ryan, who eventually returned home at 9am Sunday morning.

In order to help protect our loved ones from potentially fatal situations such as these, Integrated Wireless deliver wandering resident solutions to many aged care homes throughout Australia. The tamper-proof wrist band worn by the resident transmits to RFID receivers that are placed on every door of the facility. When the resident approaches the door, it will automatically close and staff will be immediately notified.

Statistics show that dementia cases are set to rise with the ageing population and this is not an isolated incident.

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