Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Ascom Myco Update

On October the 1st, Ascom announced the release of our new Smartphone the Ascom Myco – “My companion”.

We’re really excited about Myco, it’s a smartphone designed for nurses & clinicians. Myco has all the standard features of a smartphone, such as a touch screen, 3G and Wi-Fi, but in addition it has a robust design for withstanding knocks and drops, and also moisture and dust for maintaining hygiene.

Additional features include, a top display that can show scrolling messages and a coloured LED to show the priority of the message. A Barcode reader enables patient and medicine identification for improved safety using current and coming technologies.

We focused on three important areas: to reduce alarm fatigue, mobilise the information to the point of care and improve clinical workflows. 

The official launch event of the Ascom Myco will be held at the below states: 
  • Melbourne November 10th
  • Brisbane November 11th
  • Sydney November 12th

There will be live demonstrations, exciting guest speakers and a great chance to meet the team and find more on what we have installed for MYCO.

Enquire now to see if there are still spots available to attend

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Ascom Launches a New Solution for Integrated Workflow Intelligence in Healthcare – the Ascom Myco Smartphone

On the 1st of October, Ascom released a new purpose-built smartphone for healthcare. The Ascom Myco, specifically designed for nurses and clinicians.

Together with Ascom Unite middle-ware, nurse call systems and 3rd party apps, Ascom Myco is an important influence when solving the equation of managing with limited resources and high demands on quality of care.

See full press release for further information or visit

Monday, 6 October 2014

Ascom Solution Set Webinar

Last month Ascom conducted a Solution Set Webinar, focusing on some of our key products and solutions.  People joined in all across Australia, from a range of various companies all with an involvement in healthcare (please note Ascom also provides to several different industries including Aged Care, Corrective & Prisons, and Industrial industries, Retail, Education, Rail and Hotel).

Feargal O’Farrell our Sales & Marketing Director, presented a detailed overview of some of Ascom’s most significant solutions. These included:
  • Mobile Duress
  • Critical Messaging
  • Call Systems
  • Patient & Asset Tracking
  • Clinical Computing

Starting off with a brief background into Ascom and the benefits involved, we then moved on to the importance of alarms, the different types of alarms and also critical messaging through Duress systems, Nursecall systems, and Patient Monitoring.

The different types of patient and asset tracking devices were discussed, along with RTLS. Clinical computing concluded the presentation discussing the Amis-50 cart and our smartphone app Unite Axess.

There was a great response to the webinar, those who attended left with a strong understanding of Ascom’s range of solutions and were only eager to find out more.
For this reason we will be holding another webinar on the 30th of October, that will include further information related to our new product release the Ascom Myco smartphone.Please email if you are interested in attending.