Wednesday, 30 July 2014

ITAC 2014

Together with partner Juniper Networks last week Ascom attended the annual Information Technology in Aged Care conference (ITAC).
Hosted in the beautiful city of Hobart, ITAC bought together representatives of the aged care industry to discuss the impact that technology now has in the industry and the solutions that can help support the everyday environment they deal in.

Topics that were discussed included and where not limited to:
  • Assistive Technologies
  • NBN Pilot Projects 
  • Business Improvement through technology
  • Consumer Choice – is technology a key? 
  • Clinical Service Delivery 
  • I.T Governance 
  • Social Media
The purpose of Ascom & Juniper exhibiting was to demonstrate our application suite for managing mission and life-critical alert systems support by a strong stable portfolio of network solutions.

Overall, it was a great two days, we believe our live demonstrations helped raise a lot of interest and illustrated how our systems and solutions can contribute to improving staff collaboration and enrich communication with their patients.