Friday, 9 November 2012

Four-Week-Old Infant Abducted in Sydney

Once again, it becomes clear that we cannot leave the safety of our newborn children to chance. Systems need to be put in place to protect these infants who cannot protect themselves.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, 26 year-old Justin Groves walked from the Royal Hospital for Women at11.40am on Monday with his four-week-old baby son in his arms. Both parents attended the clinic together that morning, with Mr. Groves absconding on foot with no access to a vehicle or baby supplies.

Police were alerted shortly after and the hunt began with grave fears for the child's safety. The public were notified of Mr Groves appearance and told to keep an eye out for a tattooed man wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt. This proved successful, with the man taken into custody later that day in Parramatta.

A happy ending to what could have been a tragic scenario. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Infant Protection Tag
Luckily there is a solution. Integrated Wireless (IW) provide Infant Protection Systems that are put in place to avoid such harrowing scenarios. Tamper-proof baby tags are worn by the infant, triggering an alarm when passing one of many security grade RFID receivers distributed throughout the ward at every door. This alarm is sent to appropriate personnel to deal with the situation at hand.

IW deploy these systems in large-scale maternity wards APAC wide. For more information including pricing and product specifications, click here!


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