Thursday, 28 March 2013

Student Security Linked To Academic Results

Any school/university reputation relies heavily on student results which are averaged out and compared to others in the region. A literature review completed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development states that one main factor contributing to the results obtained by these students is “well-being in terms of physical comfort, health, and sense of safety”. As campus emergencies in the USA continue to spiral out of control, campus management are becoming increasingly aware of the potential devastation caused if an emergency event is not dealt with quickly and efficiently.

This was evident at the recent Campus and Student Security Conference held at the Melbourne Marriott. This event attracted security and facility management staff from many different educational facilities throughout Australia, speaking on a wide variety of topics centred around student safety.

Vic Sales Exec Luke Boicos

Integrated Wireless (IW) was the sole exhibitor at this conference, demonstrating a commitment to this space and to developing up-to-date emergency solutions for those interested in protecting stakeholders site-wide. IW used this event as a chance to get directly in touch with campus staff and   listen to what they want rather than pushing solutions that are not necessarily relevant. 

The recurring theme discussed throughout the event revolved around integration with existing site investments. Many asked “what if we already have a Wi-Fi system throughout our campus? We don't want to throw that away as we have already spent a lot of money there...”.

The benefit of having a dedicated software development team at IW is that we can integrate with all existing investments including the Wi-Fi network, fire panels, EWIS systems, etc. There is no need to throw out what is already in place; we will instead leverage of these systems to help provide a low-cost solution everyone is happy with. These solutions range from intruder management to lock-down and evacuation of all or certain parts of a/multiple campus/es.

For more information on these products or to talk to one of our sales team about how we can customise the solution to suit your campus (as we have done to may Australia-wide), click here! 

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