Wednesday, 24 April 2013

IW Assist Maintenance Solutions

Maintenance can often be overlooked as it is an investment with no immediate tangible reward. It's not unlike home and contents or travel insurance, where you may spend money with no obvious returns. That is, until something goes wrong. All that money saved over the years and all that time spent worrying about potential problems are suddenly for nothing.

In a healthcare environment, IT maintenance (both hardware and software) is vital in reducing system downtime. Integrated Wireless specialise in converged communications, from simple messaging and voice to large-scale duress and evacuation solutions. Due to the nature of this business, excess downtime may mean a nurse under threat cannot raise an alarm resulting in injury or in some cases death.

IW Assist maintenance includes the following benefits:
  • Experience- with over 25 years of experience in this marketplace, we have encountered most if not all problems that may arise.
  • Protect your investments- looking after your assets will prevent unexpected breakage and unaccounted costs. Yearly maintenance costs can be calculated into the budget from day one.
  • Reduced downtime and delays- with a 2 hour response time for major problems and 8 hours for minor issues, problems are dealt with promptly providing peace of mind for all involved. 

"Outstanding. Your ongoing service and support has been second-to-none and significantly increased up-time across many of our facilities. With faulty handsets replaced and back in operation next business-day, it's one less thing to worry about."
           - Anna Gittens, Facility Planner Mental Health, Sydney & South Western
             Sydney LHD

If you are an existing Integrated Wireless customer considering our maintenance solutions, save your time, money and sanity by getting in touch now. Do not leave it until it's too late.

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