Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Ascom Acquires Integrated Wireless

As part of it's growth strategies of increasing penetration in established markets, expanding regionally, and increasing software and services based business, Ascom has acquired it's Australasian value added distributor Integrated Wireless – as announced today (24th December, 2013)... Click here to read more

Ascom Integrated Wireless' Australasian clients will benefit from the introduction of it's Power of One product strategy with a fully integrated platform delivering Patient Systems, Mobility and the Unite clinical applications suite.

In line with Ascom's global focus on services, Ascom Integrated Wireless will continue and increase it's focus on developing and delivering integrated wireless applications with it's core technology partners Ekahau, Juniper, Advantech, Secure Care Products and Trans-Data Management.

The local 60 strong multi-skilled workforce will leverage the capabilities of Ascom's 1,800 employees globally and the annual AUD60M annual R&D investment, to deliver advanced deployment and support services for Australasia.

For further detail contact us at sales@integratedwireless.com.au

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