Monday, 29 June 2015

Technology transforming the way we work

The role of a nurse is forever changing as caring for the sick is becoming more complicated. Recent studies have outlined that clinicians spend a lot of their time looking for information, instead of spending time at the patient’s bedside.


It is clear that some tools are unquestionably having an impact on improving the way we work. Within a hospital environment these technological developments can help aide our clinicians to be more mobile and retrieve information on the go, rather them looking for the information.

A topical example is the barcode technology that can be used as patient identification, drug identification and medical management. Barcode based systems can help improve the accuracy of records, management of medication and availability of reliable information at the point of care. Which in turn can minimise errors and enhances the overall safety of care.

While technology cannot replace clinical skills and decision making, some innovations like the barcode technology can help make healthcare safer and simpler. 

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