Thursday, 19 July 2012

Paramedics Cry for Help Falls on Deaf Ears

Paramedics are the unsung heroes of our communities who spend their lives helping those in need. Unfortunately, they are often called to very confronting situations where alcohol and drugs are involved. This can result in unreasonable aggression and attacks on paramedics- as was recently the case with Ambulance Tasmania.

In early July 2012 two ambulance officers were called to a scene in the South of Tasmania, where bystanders began verbally abusing officers and smashing ambulance windows. The officers took refuge in their vehicle and hit the duress alarm, but no-one came. Why? The alarm system failed and the message was never received by the communications centre.

Tasmanian health union member Tim Jacobson said, "in this particular case it's [duress system] fallen over, it's fallen over previously and obviously Ambulance Tasmania needs to ensure that the system is stable”. According to Jacobson, ambulance officers are reporting incidents weekly.

As a duress provider, Integrated Wireless (IW) offer a complete range of duress alarm solutions, including wide-area duress. This particular solution uses GPS satellite coordinates to attain location and the device enables voice communications. All data is time and date stamped for post-incident reporting.

IW's Teltonika- wide-area duress solution

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