Thursday, 26 July 2012

Product Release- ENSUREtelpage

It is critical in a hospital environment that nurses produce more in less time without error. They are pushed to the limit with multi-tasking a part of everyday life. The question is- how can we reduce the stress and pressures placed upon these staff?

Integrated Wireless(IW) understand this and the solution is to streamline communications. In fact, IW have a team of dedicated staff focused on the development of software and hardware systems designed to do just that.

ENSUREtelpage is the most recent development to compliment existing software modules run through DURAsuite- IW's alarm management system. This telephone paging application will page specific personnel through pre-defined numbers and messages. It operates through ordinary telephone lines and alarms can be raised with the push of a button, allowing for improved work flows.

For more information on this and other solutions designed to increase hospital efficiencies, click here!

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