Thursday, 9 August 2012

Elderly Citizens Take The Fall

As the population ages, dementia cases are set to double by 2030 and triple by 2050. This will add pressure placed on aged care facilities and increase risk to elderly citizens who are unable to care for themselves.

Joan Ambrose, 79, suffered dementia and became disorientated in a Melbourne nursing home on the afternoon of February 7, 2009. It was 46 degrees and Mrs Ambrose walked to an outside courtyard to discover the door locked behind her. She tried and failed to gain the attention of 2 on-duty staff for more than three hours before her body was found dead at 4pm.

In response, Coroner Peter White urged the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency to demand that aged care facilities strictly control their entry/exit points as part of their extreme heat emergency management plans.

Patient Wristband
Part of the solution is a wandering resident monitoring system. Elderly citizens wear a wristband and a 'virtual boundary' is placed around specific areas of a facility. This 'geo-fencing' technique identifies when a person moves beyond a pre-defined area and sends an alarm to management and/or security. With the right advice, it is easy to install and manage. At Integrated Wireless, it is just one of many products we offer to help protect families.

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