Thursday, 23 August 2012

Woman Attempts to Steal Newborn Baby

According to a report by International Social Services, Australia has the highest per capita rate of international infant abductions in the world. Add to that those newborn babies switched at birth and the numbers begin to stack up.

Grisel Ramirez, 48, recently impersonated a nurse in a Californian hospital in an attempt to abduct a newborn baby. Ramirez, dressed in medical scrubs, entered the mother's room and told her to take a shower while she watched the baby. The mother complied and seconds later Ramirez left the room with the baby in a tote bag.

Luckily, the baby was wearing a Secure Care infant protection tag, alerting staff when it passed the doorway. Ramirez was immediately detained and is being held without bail.

Integrated Wireless are the Australian distributors of Secure Care products and have deployments in some of Australia's busiest hospitals. The Infant Protection System (IPS) prevents both theft and mistaken identity of newborn babies using WiFi baby tags attached to the ankle. This tag triggers an alarm when tampered with or when crossing a virtual WiFi boundary.

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