Friday, 7 September 2012

BOC Requirements Met

Integrated Wireless (IW) have been working with BOC sites Australia-wide for many years to reduce risks associated with those employees working alone. BOC came to IW looking for:

  • A solution to provide lone workers with the ability to raise duress and man-down alarms from remote locations
  • Alarms to be sent to a central location and regular messages sent to the worker 
  • An automatic alarm to be raised should be employee not respond to a message 
  • The solution to be Intrinsically Safe (IS) and certified to Australian Standards
  • The ability to control the security gates remotely during any emergency situation 

By Integrating Ascom’s specialised 9d23 Intrinsically Safe Protector handsets and DURAsuite alarm management application with the existing PLC system (Programmable Logic Controller), Integrated Wireless delivered a solution that enabled BOC’s lone workers to be “supervised” from a central location while at remote facilities.

The existing PLC system was configured so that when a lone worker arrived at a remote facility the PLC would instruct the DURAsuite alarm management system to automatically generate messages at pre-defined time intervals and send them to the lone workers phone. If the lone worker fails to respond to a message the DURAsuite alarm management system notifies the PLC system of this and an alarm is instantaneously transmitted to a central monitoring station which then initiates a process to check on the status of the lone worker. Similarly if a “duress” or “man-down” alarm is raised from the phone by the lone worker, the central monitoring station is informed via the PLC system. 

 In addition the lone worker can control the opening and closing of the access gates from their 9d23 Protector phone from anywhere on the facility. As the phones are connected to the on-site telephone system (PBX), the lone workers have full telephone communications capability while on site. The Ascom 9d23 Intrinsically Safe Protector handset is compliant with the global IECEx standard for Intrinsic Safety, which is in turn compliant with the Australian standards.

"Integrated Wireless (IW) have been long-time suppliers of our man-down alarm solutions. They have continually met business requirements and are prevalent in more than 20 BOC sites Australia-wide. IW's solutions provide our employees with the confidence to complete tasks successfully while reducing business costs."

- Don Anson, Superintendent, BOC Cryocentre Facility

For more information regarding our lone-worker alarm solutions, click here!

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