Friday, 21 September 2012

Infant Narrowly Avoids Abduction in New Zealand

According to The Telegraph, Neha Narayan, 24, has recently pleaded guilty to the High Court for kidnapping a baby from Auckland's Middlemore Hospital in January this year.

Narayan allegedly faked a pregnancy and asked her partner to drop her off at the hospital as she was in labour. She spent the following 3-4 hours roaming the maternity ward, arousing suspicion from staff on duty who alerted the police.

Narayan managed to snatch a baby and make it to the car-park where she was apprehended.

There are numerous stories similar to this and the effect on all involved – family and staff – are harrowing. Had staff been less wary or Narayan less suspicious, the result of this incident could have been much more severe.

Integrated Wireless (IW) understand these issues and provide Infant Protection Systems to several maternity hospitals. A dedicated security grade array of RFID receivers are distributed through the ward at every door. The tags worn by the babies generate an alarm when they come in proximity of the doors and notification is sent to appropriate personnel for immediate action . Inbuilt tamper detection ensures that tags cannot be easily removed or hidden from the system.

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