Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hospitals Set To Splash Out on IT

According to the Ekahau Blog, the Spring 2013 edition of the Economic Outlook survey states that 43% of hospital executives list IT and telecommunications as their largest capital investment over the coming year.

530 hospital C-suite executives, materials and practice area managers were surveyed who, over time, are coming to terms with the benefits IT in a healthcare setting can provide. Just two years ago, only 21% of hospital executives came to the same conclusion.

Another recent study found that the RTLS (Real-Time Location System) market is expected to mature from $256 million in 2011 to $4 billion in 2022, a 1462.5% growth rate.

Hospitals are becoming increasingly aware of the ROI provided by RTLS, which delivers hospital-wide tracking solutions with business intelligence helping their scheduling, patient care, supply chain process and much more. 

Assuming the WiFi system has been properly configured, assets and people can be tracked anywhere within a facility to within 3 metres, reducing the time spent searching for something in the wrong place. 

Integrated Wireless use Ekahau RTLS to bring these benefits to the Australian health and aged care market. For more information and a free live on-site demonstration, click here!


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