Thursday, 23 May 2013

Skyview High School Approves Ekahau RTLS

Following up on last week's post, Skyview High School has since undergone extensive user acceptance testing in the form of a campus-wide lock-down drill, according to the Ekahau Blog. The Ekahau RTLS WiFi Tag passed with flying colours, with student Toby Anderson commenting “from the time I pulled it [panic switch], to the time the announcement went off, it was probably 15 seconds. And then less than a minute before Officer Ford walked in, so it was very fast”. Police Chief Craig Kingsbury agreed, stating that “there’s no waiting. There’s no explaining. You’re not going to lose precious seconds trying to justify why you need help. Help’s just going to come.”

Ekahau RTLS Badge Tag
When the panic switch or ripcord is pulled by a staff member, a message is sent to all other badge tags on-site and a lock-down is initiated immediately. The school resource officer (and police dispatch) are notified of the location of the tag initiating the alarm, and can immediately respond without confusion. This information is viewed in real-time and every staff member with a tag can be immediately located on a pop-up floor map.

The system has already been in use since its deployment. English teacher Terri Bentley said “I actually used it [Ekahau RTLS] a week ago for a health emergency that happened in my class, and they came really quick for that too. So this is actually the second time I was able to use it, and it was really fascinating”.

Skyview High School is the first of its kind to trial the Badge Tag, with Kingsbury hoping to get Ekahau RTLS into every Idaho school.

For more information on Ekahau's applications in Australia, click here!

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