Friday, 28 June 2013

Wandering Patient Nearly Dies

According to the Herald Sun, a 77-year-old man was rushed to Frankston Hospital on Tuesday with Hypothermia after wandering from his care home in Frankston South.

Robert Thompson went missing from Baptcare Peninsula View around 5:10pm on June 25
th, only to be found nearly 24 hours later in a ditch on the side of Moordooduc Hwy by Police conducting an on-foot search. Sgt. Gary Richards of Carrum Downs Police Station said that without the foot patrol, Thompson "would have most likely died".

A lucky end to what could have been a devastating day for Thompson's family, friends, and those at Baptcare Peninsula Health.

This situation could have been prevented and can be prevented in the future. Integrated Wireless provide Patient Wandering Solutions to Residential Aged Care homes throughout Australia. The patient wears an active RFID tag that transmits packets of data to infrared beacon receivers placed above every door in the facility. These wrist bands will raise an alarm when a patient passes under a specific beacon (exit), or tries to tamper with or remove the band. 

Given the ageing population facing Australia, it is critical to be proactive with regards to patient safety rather than reactive. For detail on IW's solutions, click here!

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