Monday, 3 June 2013

Emergency Departments- Efficiency Is The Buzzword

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency. That is the buzzword of this millennium and for good reason. Having grown up in a family full of nurses, I have seen first hand the stress placed on those in this industry. Nurses are run off their feet as a lack of bed's result in patient overflow, and visitors become agitated as they want constant updates on their loved ones. The question is, how can we alleviate some of this pressure and allow nurses to focus solely on patient care?

Last week Integrated Wireless (IW) attended the Timely Access to Emergency Department (ED) Conference held at the Bayview Boulevard Hotel, Sydney. This event attracted patient flow staff from all over the country to cover the above question and gave us an opportunity to discuss current needs and trends affecting ED's. Some of these include:
  • National Emergency Access Target (NEAT)
  • Driving efficiencies through various methods
  • Strategies to improve flow during a time of growth

IW Sales Executive Andrew Weiss

IW have spent decades developing solutions to help ED efficiency and have never been more excited with what we have today. If you ask any of the top competing companies in the world what drives them to continually develop and re-develop based on market needs, it will be about more than money. There will be a desire to assist in solving the world's problems, however large or small that particular problem may be.

Our current solution streamlines communication between staff in ED, resulting in more time to focus on patient needs. Our Ascom handsets are an all-in-one device encompassing voice, text and location-based duress. This allows staff to focus on one device for all their needs rather than various devices such as a phone, pager and duress pendant. To add to this, all nursecall alarms can be sent to specific handsets as text or as a call, depending on the nurses role. This allows the nurse to engage in a two-way conversation with the patient to check the severity of the situation before rushing to the bedside, giving the opportunity to finish the task at hand.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to IW's solutions. For more detailed information including case studies (such as Southern Health in Victoria), free on-site demonstrations and a general education into the role of IT in healthcare, click here!

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